Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Missions are fun!

Mission life is awesome and busy, busy!  We had a great week with interviews, zone study and new missionary training.  We also welcomed Elder Nalaza from the Philippines where he had been serving as he waited for his visa.  We are so happy he has made it to New York.  He is an obedient missionary who is anxious to work hard.  We have loved the interaction with our missionaries, some of their investigators and members of the church throughout the mission.  On Sunday we attended the Manhattan First Ward in the Lincoln Center Chapel where President Smith and I were asked to share our testimonies.  It was a little scary but I felt the calmness that comes from the Spirit and it was a very good experience.  We returned to Scarsdale and attended church with the kids at our home ward, then it was off to a baptism in Harlem at the 128th Street Chapel.  What a neat experience to attend the baptism.  Immediately following the closing prayer we hurried over to the Lincoln Center Chapel again where we would be speaking to the YSA and Mid Single adult wards.  It was so fun!  We laughed, cried and really enjoyed our time with them.  I shared some thoughts about purpose and that our lives are to be filled with JOY!  Just like Lehi teaches "Men are that they might have JOY."  Of course we all have trials and real heartaches but as we turn to the Savior our hearts are filled with peace.  As we come to understand who we truly are...children of a Loving Heavenly Father who knows and loves us...we can have moments of pure joy and work towards returning to live with him again someday.  We can be a light in this world of confusion.  President Smith's message was awesome!  He is a great speaker and really connected with the congregation.  I'm grateful he is my companion and we love the time we have together.  The kids loved spending p-day with the missionaries.  The girls went to the Brooklyn Bridge and Chinatown with the sisters and William played basketball in Manhattan and went to the Natural History Museum with the Elders.  I am so grateful for how the missionaries have loved and embraced my children.  They have not met many other people yet.  Most of our ward is traveling for the summer so many of the youth are gone.  We had a fun morning on Saturday going down to Central Park and running followed by a yummy breakfast in Manhattan.  We were invited to a luncheon last week of a beautiful woman from Mozambique.  Her husband is the ambassador at the UN.  They invited us for lunch through a friend in our ward.  We had such a fun time and enjoyed the feast we were served.  She was so generous showering us and the young missionaries with gifts from her native country.  We are having amazing experiences and meeting some very special people.  William said the other day we have already finished 1% of our mission.  Dave chimed in and said "I know it's going too fast."  We miss dear friends and family but we are truly grateful for the privilege of serving in NY at this time.

Elder Nalaza

Westchester Zone Selfies

Fun Run in Central Park


  1. Awesome! I love hearing all the details. Miss y'all!

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