Monday, July 27, 2015

Settling in...

We have been here one month today!  Time is flying by so quickly.  Each day is filled with new and different things.  Our life is full of purpose and we are stretching and growing in ways we never expected.  Each one of my kids have expressed in their own way that they are so grateful we are here.  Savannah's friend from Texas came and spent 2 days with us before I took them to the airport to fly to EFY for the week.  Lauren left on Saturday to attend Girls Camp with her cousin in New Hampshire. William has a friend from Texas coming to spend the week while the girls are gone.  The kids have spent 24/7 together this past month so this break may be nice for each of them!  I will say though it has been awesome to have so much family time and to see my kids rely on each other and grow closer.  I'm getting more and more comfortable driving around the city and riding the Subway.  Google maps is awesome, however I can navigate my way around Scarsdale now with no GPS.  I'm getting used to paying for parking and timing my errands in accordance with the parking meters.  William and I are driving to The Bronx today for a zone training.  I love the days we spend with the missionaries.  Slowly we are getting to know each of them more than just their names and faces.  Dave has almost completed interviewing each missionary.  He has loved this!  Each Sunday we try to attend a couple different wards.  Everywhere we have gone people have pulled us aside to tell us how much they love our missionaries, that they are working hard and are great examples.  This is such a blessing to us.  I am learning more and more that God truly is in charge of this work.  He is a God of miracles.  They are all around us and if we take time each day to reflect on our blessings we will see these miracles and his hand in our life.  Hind sight is such a wonderful thing.  I look back over my life and I am so grateful for the blessings I have.  There have been times of great heartache and some very dark nights but as I have looked to the Lord for comfort he has blessed me.  Dave and I had several times where we thought we would go one way and the Lord directed us another way.  As we trusted in him it has made all the difference.  Each day we are seeing people change their lives as they trust in God.  He has a plan for each of us.  It takes faith to trust and action for blessings to come.

Yorktown Zone

Sister DeFord is the first missionary to beat William @ Ping Pong

Our missionaries spoil us!

We "bumped" into our Texas friends in the city this past week.

Kingsbridge Zone 

The Elders gave President a little "bronx bling"

So awesome to see Elder Richards and Elder Paiz street contacting 
as we left the Kingsbridge Chapel today


  1. Grandmother of Elder Spencer Freebairn here. Enjoyed your blog and especially seeing photos of our missionary! Thank you :)

  2. Grandmother of Elder Spencer Freebairn here. Enjoyed your blog and especially seeing photos of our missionary! Thank you :)