Sunday, July 5, 2015

What a Whirlwind of a week!

We have loved our first full week in the mission.  The highlight has been meeting all of our missionaries.  President Smith and I had studied the names and faces of all 209 missionaries the month prior to arriving in New York.  By the time we met them in person we already felt like we knew them and our love for them was instant.  They were absolutely beautiful in person!  Our Chinese Missionaries met us in the Hallway with beautiful fresh Hawaiian lei's that Elder and Sister Goo from Laie Hawaii ordered for us.  We met in two different meetings with half of the mission in each.  All the kids spoke, followed by a video presentation introducing our family.  After which I spoke, then President Smith.  We cried, laughed and shared testimony together.  Following the meeting in the chapel we took time to shake all of their hands and look them in the eyes.  It was such an uplifting day!

This week also included two trips to Carnegie Hall to hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, a Yankees game for the entire mission and July 4th at WestPoint Military Academy. 

The missionaries have been so welcoming to the kids.  They feel like they have 200 new best friends. They have written them notes, brought them treats, helped unpack their rooms, invited them on pday outings and taken time to get to know them.  It has made this first week so memorable and helped with the tender feelings of missing family and friends they said goodbye to.

We love our beautiful 115 year old mission home.  It is very charming and even the creaky stairs have a way of endearing me to this beautiful place.  

I'm not sure I will ever get used to driving in this place.  Everyone goes so fast, honk all the time and the roads are windy and confusing to me.  I did venture out to Target with just Lauren and that was a bit of an adventure trying to figure out the pay parking and how to get into the actual store.

We sent Savannah on the Train by herself down to Grand Central Station to meet up with friends from Texas.  She did great and was not worried one bit.  Afterwards she met up with a set of Sister Missionaries in Times Square and rode the Subway with them to meet up with us at the Yankees game.

We held MLC on Friday at the Scarsdale Chapel.  Each Zone presented President Smith with a gift representing their area.  It was so much fun and the Elders and Sisters were very creative in their gift selections.  I loved hearing about the different areas and could have asked 100 questions.  The missionaries were enthusiastic and excited about their missionary work and proud to share about each of their areas. 

MLC Group Photo

Elder Reid conducting MLC

Sister Smith sharing some thoughts

Elder Gore teaching

Sister Groberg

Elder Steiner

Sister Ng (pronounced mmmm)

Sister Boseman

Sister Hobbs

               The missionaries thought President Smith needed some clothes to "fit in" a little better!

Sister Gardner and Sister Vassau serve in our Westchester Ward

In the City

Carnegie Hall

The top of Carnegie Hall


Waiting for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir at Westpoint


We LOVE President and Sister Morgan

President loves his new running buddies

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  1. How exciting! What great experiences and memories for your family...and all those missionaries! They are lucky to have your family. And my parents and older sister LOVE the Goos! ��