Sunday, August 16, 2015

A week full of blessings...

We are all together again!  William and Savannah returned from a fun week in Lake Powell.  

William was very excited to see Lauren after 3 weeks apart.  They ran to each other.  Warmed a mothers heart.  He was also so happy to see his "two companions".  He really missed them!

Today we attended a couple of wards in The Bronx, one English ward and a Spanish Ward.  We were asked to speak in the English ward.  I am being stretched and challenged every day but I really am loving it.  The phrase "fresh courage take" resonates in my mind often.  I am having to fully trust in the Lord and he is blessing me.  I love going to the different wards and meeting people from all walks of life.  NY is full of diversity and everyone has a story.  Today I met Frank.  He joined the church 3 months ago.  He is awesome!  71 years old and an 8 degree Black belt.  I also met Sis. Woods, from Liberia.  She found the gospel in her native country in 1989.  Then there is Juan, he is famous in the mission.  We seem to run into him everywhere.  He is always happy, and serving in some capacity.  I need to learn more about him.  I love these people and feel privileged to meet them, to learn more about their lives, where they've come from, their stories of finding the gospel and coming to know the Savior.

This week I had a specific prayer answered.  I have been keeping a journal on my iPad.  There was a glitch and I thought I had lost all the data.  I cried several tears. This was 8 weeks of journal entries, including pictures, letters, copies of talks, sacred experiences and very personal feelings about our mission.  I was so sad thinking it was all gone.  Lauren was so sweet and concerned and told me "it will be alright, we will find it".  She is full of faith.  Dave tried several options, we reached out to tech support, did whatever we could and I prayed.  Miraculously one night Dave found it through his account.  So random!  Once again I was reminded Heavenly Father loves me, he cares about what is important to me and he hears my prayers.  

We held the New Missionary Meeting on Friday.  This is a meeting attended by the new missionaries who arrived 10 days prior and their companions/trainers.  I was really looking forward to this meeting and being able to see all of them again and learn how they are doing.  My favorite part is when each missionary introduces their companion and tells a little about them.  President Smith and I also get to introduce each other and this week we included an introduction of Lauren.  She was out of town when they first arrived so it was fun for her to meet all the new missionaries.  She was also so awesome in helping me put together a lunch for afterwards.  William and Savannah are gone to Lake Powell this week.  We miss them so much but have enjoyed all the time with Lauren.  

Lauren spent p-day with the sisters visiting The Metropolitan Museum of Art

We all had lunch together before

We were able to attend a temple session while Lauren was with the Sisters.  
We ran into some of the Elders and got a photo.

We love our missionaries!

A missionary apartment in The Bronx

Fun Bike Ride Saturday morning.  It is so green and beautiful here.

Lauren and I have had fun together this week doing some back to school
 shopping and getting her hair cut.  

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