Thursday, September 17, 2015

Transfers and New Missionaries and goodbyes!

We welcomed 7 new Elders and 3 sisters to the mission this week.  It is a highlight of the mission to welcome them as they walk off the plane.  We enjoy dinner together followed by a testimony meeting and then send them to bed.  They come so excited but very tired.

Sister Sanchez

Sister Derzon

Sister Evans

Elder Viera

Elder Mackintosh

Elder Burt

Elder Pugmire

Elder Brown

Elder Mansfield

Elder Frongner

We hold two transfer meetings, One upstate and one in Manhattan.  I love transfer meetings because we get to see all our missionaries.  The new missionaries are always greeted by a big hug from their trainers.  

We will really miss these 5 faithful missionaries.  Well Done!
Elder Schoenfield, Elder Shurtleff, Sister Fansler, Sister Brown, Elder Paiz


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  2. President and Sister Smith, thank you so much for doing this blog, and especially for posting these pictures of the new incoming missionaries so quickly. It means a lot to us parents back home to see our young missionaries safely in the field.We are excited for our son, Elder Caiden Brown, to have the opportunity to serve out there in New York with you and your family and all the other missionaries. Even though he just got there, the past 6 weeks have been an awesome experience for him and for us. Thanks again - Alvin and Tye Brown