Saturday, November 7, 2015

A busy eventful week!

New Missionaries and their Trainers.  We spent a few hours with them on Friday.  It was so fun!  One of the things we do in this meeting is have each companionship introduce their companion.  After only serving together about 10 days these companionships are doing so well.  

We were able to spend 2 days with Bro. Donaldson and Bro. Jackman from the missionary department planning for the specialized training we held later in the week. They taught Dave and I so much as we prepared to teach the missionaries.   The missionaries were excited about some of the things happening in the mission.  They are becoming more consecrated, obedient missionaries and as a result are seeing miracles.   

 On Friday we held the new missionary training meeting at the Scarsdale building.  I love to see the new missionaries again after they have been out "in the field" for about 10 days.  Savannah had a break from school and came over to say hi to the missionaries. 

 The new missionaries receiving automobile training from the super awesome Elder Gardner!

We had Friday night P-day with the kids in the city.  We love to visit with Millie and Kenia, who work as Security Guards at the Lincoln Center Chapel and Manhattan Temple.  They have become dear friends already.  I had such a great visit with Millie on Friday night.  I was able to share my testimony with her of a living prophet. We also talked about Eternal families and the blessings of the Temple.  She is a special lady and I love being able to share the gospel with her.  I love her so much!

So fun to run into the Sisters the other night when we were in the city

The kids are loving Autumn here in NY!

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