Saturday, December 5, 2015

District Leaders, MLC and New Trainers...

It has been a busy eventful week!  We had specialized training with all the district leaders and their companions.  MLC was held on Thursday this month followed by Train the Trainers meeting on Friday.  That means it's transfer time again!  The weeks go by so quickly.  Next Tuesday we will welcome 17 new missionaries and say goodbye to 17 amazing missionaries on Thursday morning.

District Leader Training


Train the Trainers
 Train the Trainers meeting was held on Friday.  It is always fun to sense the excitement and some trepidation that these new trainers have.  The calling of trainer is extremely important.  One of the things we do in the beginning of this meeting is to have each missionary tell about their trainer and what they learned from them.  At the end of the meeting we go around again and have them speak as if they are the missionary they trained stating what that missionary will say about them as a trainer.  It is powerful and often they are emotional as they feel the weight of the calling but also the profound opportunity they have to bless the life of a new missionary.  It has been incredible to me to observe the process of calling trainers.  Dave is very prayerful, ponders, seeks inspiration before any of these calls are issued.  They come clearly to him in various ways and at different times.  During the opening hymn in the meeting yesterday, I looked at each one of them and had a witness of the spirit that they were called at this time through inspiration from heaven to train this next group of missionaries.  Such a cool confirmation.  I love how the spirit works and I testify the Lord is directing this mission.  It is an amazing thing to be a part of and I try to never take this calling for granted.  It is a privilege to be this closely associated with missionaries.  Their sacrifices amaze me daily.  We have been asked a lot lately about our call from parents of our kids friends and some neighbors.  Many are fascinated to know what we do each day.  Word has spread through the community that we are here with the Church.  We live in a predominantly Jewish community.  The people have been wonderful and very welcoming.  We are somewhat of a novelty here!  They like to tell us about the Mormon friends they have encountered through the years and often assume we all know each other.  Actually we have made a few connections with people.  It really is a small world!

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