Thursday, December 10, 2015

New Missionaries and Transfers!

What a wonderful full week it has been.  I have reflected this week on the loud voices of the world in contrast to the the voice of the Lord which is quiet.  In Helaman 5:30 we learn it is not a loud voice, but a still voice of perfect mildness, like a whisper.  And then in 3 Nephi 11:3, not a harsh voice, but a small voice.  The world is getting louder and louder.  We need to take time to be still, to ponder, to listen for the voice of the Lord. 

Transfers is always a very full busy week!  It is so fun to welcome new missionaries, to sense some of their trepidation but also excitement at finally arriving in New York and meeting their new companions.  The heart strings tug each time we say goodbye to the departing missionaries.  We have been blessed to serve with those departing for the last 6 months of their mission.  They have grown in countless ways and it is a treat to hear their departing testimonies.  William and Lauren have been practicing hymns on the piano and each of them accompanied one of our songs last night.  I was proud of them.  William chose Called To Serve, which was particularly hard for him when he began to learn it.  He persisted, often not very happily (is that even a word) but was determined to learn it.  He played flawlessly last night.  Lauren played We Thank Thee oh God for a Prophet one night and Sweet hour of Prayer the second night.  She did a beautiful job.  

   We sure love and appreciate these office elders!  We will miss Elder Dutson as he heads to Danbury to train, but welcome Elder Burton and Elder Beardall to serve with Elder Casper.

Waiting at the airport to greet 16 new missionaries

 The departing missionaries gather in the mission home at the end of transfer day to enjoy a meal and testimony meeting together.  Often times we have the Elders over to do a little furniture rearranging beforehand.

Elder and Sister Veach have served in the Family History Center in Manhattan. Our family is really going to miss them when they head home the end of this month.  Elder Veach and William always enjoyed talking BYU sports, particularly football.

We are grateful for Elder and Sister Melonakas who head home in the next few days.  They have been awesome working with the CES students in Manhattan.  They will be missed!

Our beautiful new sisters!

Awesome Elders!

Elder and Sister Dransfield have joined the mission and will serve in Public Affairs.

Sister Schwarting

 Sister Balley

 Sister Vasquez

 Sister Payne

 Sister Young

Sister Gibby

Elder McClellan

Elder Howard

Elder Matson

 Elder Allen

Elder Stevens

Sister Busby

Sister Russell

 Elder Tatafu

 Elder Santibanez

 Elder Patterson

We are going to miss Elder Gore as the Assistant.  He made our transition to the mission so easy and has become a part of our family.  He was transferred to Inwood and will serve as a District Leader.  He is a remarkable leader, example and friend to the entire mission.  He has been William's closest friend and older brother for the past 5 1/2 months.  We love you Elder Gore.

We are so happy to have Elder Jimenez join Elder Leishman as the new Assistant.  Elder Jimenez is humble, hard working and an excellent missionary and example. 

Lots of fun pictures from transfer day...

Sometimes you just gotta miss school to go to transfers...How can we say no when she wants to be with all the missionaries and has the opportunity to feel the spirit??!!

William went with the youth of the Westchester Stake to sing Christmas Carols on the steps of the NYC library.  See if you can find him!

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