Thursday, January 21, 2016

Lots going on the past few days...

 It has been a busy week and a half.  We held the "train the trainers" meeting last week with ten awesome missionaries who will be training this transfer.  They are excited and ready to train.  Dave is very prayerful each transfer cycle as he calls trainers.  He has had some remarkable experiences with how clearly these calls come to him.  

My parents came to visit us for a few days on their way home from serving a 2 year mission in London, England where my dad served as the Director of the Hyde Park Chapel Visitor Center.  It was fun to have them here and to share our mission experiences with them.  They were so helpful with everything that needed to be done for transfer week.  On Sunday Evening Dave and I spoke at a Youth Fireside for the Westchester Stake held at the Kingsbridge Chapel in the Bronx.  It was a fun night.  We were asked to speak about the blessings that come from serving a full time mission. We laughed together as we shared stories and pictures of our earlier missions to Hawaii.  It brought back so many memories as I pondered on the many blessings that have come to us because of that service. 

Lauren's friend, Sariah and her mom Emily, who live in Brooklyn came for our fireside.  Lauren and I met Emily and Sariah a few months ago when we were at the same event in the city.   It was heaven directed.  They had just moved to NY from Arizona and Sariah had not met any other LDS girls.  She and Lauren quickly developed a friendship and we try to get together any chance we can.  Emily is wonderful to help get the girls together even though they are about an hour and half from us.  In the middle is Nina, a darling girl in our Stake.  We had no idea she also knew Emily!

 The kids were out of school for Martin Luther King Day so at William's request we went to the Manhattan Temple with his grandparents to do Baptisms.   It was a cold day but beautiful with the sun shining.  I am treasuring these moments of having all of my children in the Temple together.  I am grateful it is a place they want to be.

Elder West joined us a couple of weeks ago.  He is serving in the ASL program.  The Mandarin speaking and ASL missionaries often come "off transfer".  He is a great missionary, so prepared to serve!

 We love our office Elders who take care of so much during transfer week!

Welcoming a new group of ten missionaries.

Elder Cruz Santos 

Sister Hart

Sister Roper

Elder West

Elder Castro

Elder Krzymowski

Sister Soto

Sister Nelson

Sister  Perez

Sister Staley

Sister Mercado

Transfers were a little different this time.  We received direction from the missionary department that we are no longer to hold a transfer meeting.  Instead only the missionaries who were being transferred met at 2 different locations, one in the city and one upstate to meet up with their new companions and head to their areas.  I am grateful to Sister Gardner for still capturing so many great photos on this day.

Later on transfer day we gathered at the mission home with the 8 returning missionaries.  Dave has been teaching the missionaries proper use of their "devices" (iPads, phones, etc).  One thing he teaches is "what is my purpose" in using this.  Elder Beardall has been a technology leader in our mission and is instructing the going home missionaries about their devices and future use of them before they go home.

We are so happy to have Elder Wulff join Elder Jimenez as the new assistant.  They are busy updating the transfer board (with the new companionships) that we keep in Presidents office at the mission home.

We enjoyed dinner and a testimony meeting with this group of 8 last night before taking them to the airport early this morning.  I love them and will miss each one of them.  


  1. Sister Smith, thank you for posting this blog. I find it a source of information, comfort, and inspiration.

  2. Sister Smith, It was great to see your Mom and Dad. I bet they were wonderful missionaries.
    I haven't worked with Dr Russell for almost 5 years now, but I always loved seeing your mom and occasionally your dad come into the office.
    Thank you for this wonderful blog. It always makes my day to see the NYNY North missionaries.

  3. We so appreciate you and President Smith for the diligent and loving way you watch over our sons and daughters serving with you. We feel confident that they are being ministered to in every way by you both as you encourage them and lead by example in the great work to which you have been called. Sister Eggleston and I are preparing to serve soon after Ian gets home. Thank you!