Sunday, January 24, 2016


It really does snow in New York!  My kids were beginning to wonder...

Kings bridge and Olmstead (The Bronx) Elders out serving.  
Missionaries throughout the mission shoveled walks and found ways to help and serve people. 
 They are remarkable!

 Elder Hill and Elder Palikiko who serve in our ward helped shovel the walks at the mission home.  Somehow our darling Hawaiian, Elder Palikiko "forgot" his coat!

We ventured out for a little bit to go to the mission office.  Very few cars were on the road.

View from the mission home front porch taken around 2 pm. 
 The snow didn't stop until 11 pm that night.

The Westchester sisters bundled up and helped shovel the snow at the church.  We had them over after to warm up and have hot chocolate and waffles.

William and Lauren spent most of the day outside.  They loved it. 
 Being raised in Texas snow is such a novelty to them.

William had fun tackling his dad in the snow

 Sunday Morning was breath takingl! It was so stunning to walk outside and see this bright beautiful site after the cold, dark night.   I thought of the calm after the storm and was reminded the sun always shines again, even after some of our darkest nights and hardest trials.  

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