Sunday, February 14, 2016

2 weeks of Zone Conferences with MLC in between!

In has been a busy, fun two weeks of zone conferences.  We held 5 for the 11 zones in the mission.  I was able to attend 4 of the 5 and it was so wonderful to be with all the missionaries.  That is the best part of my calling, to interact and be uplifted by these young missionaries.  Their sacrifice, their diligence and desire to succeed is very inspiring.  We had asked that each one of them prepare an 8-10 minute talk on "Accountability through Prayer".  At each conference Dave called on 3 missionaries to share their talks.  Each was so different and very insightful.  They used the scriptures and Preach my Gospel.  I learned so much.  One missionary taught this principle of accountability with the parable of the talents.  I learned things about that parable I had never thought of before.   We had also invited them to "prepare to learn" by reading and studying 2 Nephi 31.  Dave asked me to teach and discuss this with them at the conference.  Again I was given many new insights into this chapter as we discussed it with the missionaries.  They have great insight and wonderful comments.  As we study, discuss and learn by the Spirit our knowledge and testimony grow.  Dave spent time teaching them about the Sacrament, the covenants we make, prayer, taking time to ponder and listen, planning, Chapter 8, helping investigators progress, etc.   Each conference was a little bit different as we tried to follow the Spirit and be prompted as to what each group needed to be taught.  We also had a beautiful musical number prepared by various missionaries.  There is so much talent in this mission.  I love it!  I am also so grateful to the ward Relief Societies, Sister Helen Goo and the office elders who helped with the lunches each day.

Elder Wulff and Elder Jimenez, who currently serve as the Assistants, did a wonderful job making sure everything was set up and ready to go for each conference.  They also taught an excellent training on planning and chapter 8 of Preach My Gospel.  

Special thanks to Sister Colleen Gardner and the office missionaries for all the pictures.  I hope each of you can find at least one of your missionary. 

Thank you to the Olmstead Ward for the yummy meal!

MLC...where's William?
He loved having a "snow day" from school and being able to spend the day with his dad and the missionaries.

The missionaries think it is funny how Dave holds his iPad when teaching.  I chuckled when I found these pictures on the camera.

 He has a better grip...

 We have "clothing exchanges" at zone conference.  It is a good motivator to get the missionaries to clean out their closets!  By the end of the zone conferences, after the missionaries take what they want, we have bags full of clothing to donate to charity.

Sister Zimmerman having fun "shopping"!

Sister Soto, from Costa Rica was able to find a warm winter coat!

The Lincoln Square Chapel has recently become home to several beautiful paintings by Walter Rane, who currently lives in one of the Harlem Wards.  The paintings are depictions from scenes in the Book of Mormon.  The missionaries have been inviting people in to see the exhibit and it has served as a great missionary tool these past few weeks.

Sister Helen Goo's fabulous Chinese Chicken Salad, pork buns and yummy chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies were served for lunch at one of the zone conferences.

Elder and Sister Gardner attended all 5 zone conferences and gave excellent training on automobile safety and health and wellness in the winter months.  They also took care of the bagel breakfast each morning.  We are grateful for their service and for all the senior couples and the talent and experience they bring to the mission.
Sister Gardner reminded the missionaries "you're never fully dressed without a smile"! 

"Zone Selfies" with 7 of our 11 zones.  Unfortunately we forgot the Selfie Stick a couple of days and missed out on some pictures.

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  1. Sister Smith,
    Thank you for all you do for our missionaries, you are truly the best. I don't know if you get feed back on the blog you keep but I want you to know that we love it and that it provides so much comfort to us and strength to our testimony. Its so nice to read about the progress of the Lords work in New York New York North and to be able to see the faces of our great missionaries as they teach, learn and give service. Thank you for all you do and for keeping us updated on the progress or our wonderful sons and daughters. We also love to read the updates on you and your family, it must be a great blessing to have your children with you in this great work, what a wonderful way to be raised, among the Lords best servants.
    Thank you again, we pray the Lord will continue to bless your family and the missionaries you lead.