Monday, March 14, 2016

New Missionaries

We are so happy to have these missionaries join us in the NYNYN mission!  They have come so well prepared and have been given excellent trainers to help them continue to be great missionaries.  On Friday we met together for a couple of hours for some new missionary training followed by lunch.  

Here they are with their trainers

 Dave was already off to his next appointment when we decided to get a group photo!

We are grateful to have Elder Wadsworth and Elder Wilson serving in the office.  They help with so many administrative duties but also are working hard in their area ministering.

We love Elder Wulff and Elder Jimenez who diligently serve as the Assistants.  
They are great examples to the entire mission.

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  1. My son was just called to this mission! We are ecstatic!!! He will join you probably the fist of July!!