Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Transfer time comes quicker with each passing month.  We loved welcoming 13 new missionaries on the 29th and had a great night celebrating our 5th "official" anniversary with all of them.  
There is never a dull moment in mission life!

(Sorry for the overload of pics of Dave and I)

Sister Anderson

 Sister Heiner

 Sister McDougal

 Sister Nusink

 Sister Stephens

 Elder Hunt

 Sister Montemayor

 Elder Shaffer

 Elder Busby

 Elder Taylor

 Sister Coen

 Sister Simons

 Elder Clark

 We received directive from the missionary department to no longer hold transfer meetings so instead only the missionaries transferring meet to exchange.  The upstate missionaries meet at the Ossining Chapel and the city missionaries meet at the Inwood Chapel.  Elder and Sister Gardner still help get all the luggage where it needs to be and take lots of pictures.  We sure appreciate all their help.

Someone got to miss school!

On Tuesday evening we gathered with the group of 8 who would be going home.  I love this group so much.  I remember specifically thinking we had these missionaries for a long time...but time ticks by and they are now on the plane heading home.  I am excited for the reunion they will have later today with their family and friends.  

Well done thou good and faithful servants...

(Unfortunately, we missed getting a photo with Elder Thatcher and Sister Ballou 
before they boarded the flight for Utah.)

 Sister Ek and Elder Smith heading home to California
Elder Ross heading home to Wyoming
Elder Barbaran heading home to the great state of Texas
Elder Hogenson heading home to Canada
Sister Garcia Early heading home to Spain

We are grateful for Sister Spencer and Sister Findlay who serve as "Employment Specialist" missionaries.  We will really miss Sister Findlay when she leaves us in a couple of weeks.

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