Sunday, April 3, 2016

MLC & Westchester Waffles!

On Friday we held MLC, mission leadership council.  This is always a great time to get together with the leadership of the mission and council together.  

Elder Celaya and Elder Richards, who are serving as Zone Leaders and companions in the  Manhattan North Zone, played a beautiful piano duet.  The Spirit flooded the room as they played.  It set the tone for the afternoon portion of the meeting.

We started off conference weekend by having all the Westchester Zone missionaries join us for a waffle breakfast, a NYNYN mission tradition.  We love having the missionaries in our home and are so grateful for their service.  They are so helpful and had cleaned everything up including putting away the extra table and chairs before they left to go watch conference at the various meeting houses.

I love Conference weekend so much.  Today has been especially meaningful as so much of this mornings focus was on the blessings of the Temple and the opportunity to live as eternal families. 

 The gospel is the greatest blessing we have in our lives.  
It is the way of Salvation, the Priesthood of God is on the Earth today.  We are invited to partake of all the ordinances which lead to Salvation and Eternal life with our families, beginning with Baptism and ultimately partaking of the blessings of the Temple.  It is not easy, there are so many mists of darkness along the way.  Life is full of trials and challenges, but it is possible through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  Our Eternal destiny is determined by our daily decisions, which President Monson continues to teach so beautifully.  May we all go forward trusting in the Lord and knowing "Heaven is cheering us on today, tomorrow and forever!" Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

Lauren had the camera and took lots of pictures!

I wanted to share a sweet experience we had last Tuesday.  We took the kids to watch BYU play in the NIT tournament at Madison Square Garden.  A man noticed my missionary tag and came over and asked if we were serving in the NYNYN mission.  When I said yes he asked if I knew an Elder Pedro Brasileiro?  I smiled and said yes, he is a wonderful missionary.  Peter Scholz went on to tell me he had baptized his father in Brazil over 30 years ago.  Dave came over at that moment and we had a tender conversation with Brother Scholz, who subsequently was just called to preside over one the missions in Brazil and will begin his service this summer.  Dave texted Elder Brasileiro and said we just met Peter Scholz.  Elder Brasileiro responded a few minutes later "President he is the reason I am on my mission".  I am grateful for Bro. Scholz' choice so many years ago to serve a mission.  Elder Brasileiro has blessed my life and countless others.  The impact of Bro. Scholz' testimony continues on.  There are no coincidences in this work.  The Lord is in charge. 

Poughkeepsie Zone!

Yorktown Zone!

Manhattan South Zone!

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