Wednesday, April 13, 2016

We enjoyed a memorable day with the Senior missionaries!  Dave and I are so grateful to each and everyone of them for accepting the call to serve.  We could not succeed in our callings without their support and service.  I loved preparing for this day.  It allowed me to reflect on my gratitude and love for these missionaries.  Many asked if they could bring something but my gift to them was providing the lunch and inviting them to come and just enjoy being together.  Thank goodness for Costco!  I think I made 3 trips in two days!  Following lunch we gathered in the living room to learn more about each other and share testimony.  I was very humbled as we went around the room and learned more about their lives and some of their struggles.  I was by far the youngest and most inexperienced in the room.  This calling humbles me daily. 

Below is a picture of these wonderful missionaries with a very brief description (they do much more than I have room to write) of what capacity they are serving in.  We are so grateful for their willingness to accept the call to serve.  They are a huge blessing to all of us in the NYNYN mission! We missed Elder & Sister Dransfield who serve in Public Affairs and Elder & Sister Ladle who serve in the Employment Center.

Elder & Sister Hansen
Family History

 Elder & Sister Hsieh
Member Leadership Support -Monticello Branch

 Elder & Sister Martinez
Area Medical Advisor & Family History

 Sister Terry & Sister Haycock
Record Preservation

 Elder & Sister Riedler
West Point Military Academy

 Elder & Sister Zimmerman
Member Leadership Support - Yonkers Spanish Branch

 Elder & Sister Goo
Member Leadership Support Chinatown Ward

 Elder & Sister Huntington
CES (Church Educational System)

 Elder & Sister Frei
Mission Office
Apartments, Baptismal Records & Referrals

 Elder & Sister Colton
United Nations 

 Elder & Sister Hunt
Mission Office
Secretary and Financial Secretary

Elder & Sister Gardner
Mission Office
Vehicles, Historian, Photographer, Medical

The day began with rain but by afternoon the sun was shining beautifully.  I called my awesome neighbor Kirsten to come over and take our picture.  Great neighbors are the best!  She stayed around for a few minutes afterwards and visited with many of the missionaries.

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