Saturday, May 28, 2016

Departing Missionaries Temple Day and Train the Trainers

We enjoyed a wonderful trip to the Temple with this group of missionaries who head home next week.  It is always very special to be in the Temple together.  We have become very close to this group of missionaries and will miss them.  They have so many wonderful experiences ahead and we are excited for them to reunite with loved ones.

Well Done Thou Good and Faithful Servants!

In preparation for next weeks Transfers we held the Train the Trainers meeting on Friday.  Dave and I both felt a sweet confirmation from the Spirit, as we walked in the room and looked at these trainers, that they are the right ones.  The Lord is pleased with their calls.  It was so cool because we talked about it and realized we both received it at the same time.  Those tender mercies are such a blessing and remind us who is really in charge of this work.  

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