Saturday, June 18, 2016

New missionary meeting and photos from this past week!

We had a wonderful meeting on Friday with the new missionaries and their trainers.  At this meeting we talk about adjusting to missionary life, loyalty to the Lord, mission culture, and the Doctrine of Christ.  Missionaries are the best to teach.  They are humble, eager to learn and have such a desire to be true disciples of Christ.  I love being with them!  The Spirit is always present and I am so uplifted.

random pictures from the week...

William and I spent p-day in the city with the Chinatown missionaries and Jay, one of their investigators.  Jay has spent his entire life in NY and knows the city inside and out.  He gave us a fabulous tour.  

While we were waiting for the missionaries to arrive at our meeting spot I was asking Jay questions about how he found the missionaries.  He told me of first meeting Elder Radford and Elder Leung and how much they both meant to him.  Unbeknownst to any of us at that time, Elder Leung was in town and had arranged to surprise Jay.  This was their reunion.  Jay couldn't wait for him to cross the street but ran out to greet him.  We shed a few tears.  

Saturday morning cleaning at the Church

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