Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Transfer Day

Transfer day is a busy day in the mission especially for the Assistants, office Elders and Senior Office Couples.  They keep everything running smoothly and make sure the Elders and Sisters know where they need to be for transfers.  Only the missionaries who have a change in companionship come to transfers.  All others have a regular proselyting day.  We begin the day with a short training meeting with the new missionaries.  This is also when they meet their trainers.  Following the training they head out to their areas.  The city missionaries are taken to the Scarsdale Train Station and the Upstate missionaries leave in their cars.  The other missionaries transferring meet at two locations.  The Inwood Chapel for the City missionaries and the Ossining Chapel for the Upstate missionaries.  The Assistants work out all the logistics of travel, luggage, meeting up with companions, etc.  Somehow it all works out!  While they are doing this Dave and I take the "going home" missionaries to the Temple.  It is a wonderful way for them to spend their last day in the mission.  

Here are a few pictures from transfer day....

Special thanks to William for all the pictures.  I think he is now officially the mission photographer.

 If you look closely you can see Elder Tabor and Elder Murray pulling their suitcases heading to their area.  William saw them as they were driving by and snapped the photo.

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