Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Welcome New Missionaries!

The welcoming of new missionaries is a highlight of the mission.  We love to see them walk off the plane, there is always a little trepidation along with a lot of excitement.  This is a moment they have looked forward to, arriving in New York to begin service as a full time missionary in the New York New York Mission.  Many of them have dreamed of this moment since they were a child, others it has been more recent, the decision to serve.  Either way they are here!  They have exercised great faith.  They are valiant followers of the Savior Jesus Christ.  Amazing marvelous experiences lie ahead of them.  

"And it came to pass that they went forth and began to preach and to prophesy unto the people, according to the spirit and power which the Lord had given them."
Alma 8:32

 Lauren is excited to go get the new missionaries!

 These two taking unloading the luggage very seriously!

 Elder Gentry

 Elder Holmes

 Elder Ward

 Elder Sumsion

 Elder Davis

 Elder Mendenhall

 Elder Brown

 Elder Horner

 Sister Christensen

 Sister Kelly

 Sister Leavitt

 Sister Malone

 Sister Stark

 Sister Kui

As we waited for dinner the Assistants and office Elders led a training with the new missionaries.

These 3 awesome missionaries came from the CCM- Mexico MTC.  Their flight was delayed 2 hours so Dave went back and got them while the rest of us had dinner.  We are so grateful they joined us.  After feeding everyone we had an opening testimony meeting.  It was beautiful.  The Spirit is always present in abundance.  This is going to be a powerful group of missionaries.

After a great nights sleep the missionaries headed down to the Scarsdale Chapel for more training and meeting their new companions.

 Elder Murset
 Elder Baker
 Elder Hatfield


  1. Elder Hatfield made it!! YAY!! Thank you for posting pictures and updates! Helps a missionary mom's heart!!

  2. So good to see Sister Christensen safe, sound and looking happy! Thank you for putting my heart at ease! Love the pictures!

  3. is the elders names on top of who they are or under them? If there under them then 2 of them are wrong if there on top of them then there right

  4. If there under them then Mendehall and Brown are wrong if there on top then there right

  5. So excited for Elder Mendenhall. He will be a great missionary. There is an Elder Black from our stake here in St. George, Utah, maybe they will see each other sometime.

  6. My son is elder Horner. .so happy to see these pictures. and miss my boy...