Friday, September 9, 2016

A week to be remembered...

It's been a big week!  The girls headed back to school on Tuesday.  They are both going to the High School this year.  Savannah is a junior and Lauren a freshmen.  It is so nice to have them at the same school which is literally across the street from the mission home.  Dave and William got up early to make them breakfast.  William is in 7th grade.  After lots of prayer and begging by him we have chosen to homeschool him this year.  He is thrilled!  It is going to be challenging in many ways but so far it is going well.  He told me last year on several occasions "school is really getting in the way of my mission!"

 We are so happy to welcome 4 new sisters to the mission.  They arrived this week from the Salt Lake City Temple Square mission where they have been serving.  Temple Square Sisters are given an opportunity to serve 2 transfers "outbound" in another mission.  We told them they are an answer to the prayers of many to have more sisters in the NYNYN mission.  There is so much work to be done! 

 Sister O'Neill

 Sister Felise

 Sister Romero

 Sister Cruz

This week we had Zone Studies/Interviews in Manhattan South and Olmstead Zones.

Manhattan South Zone

 Elder Kirkham, Elder Wulff, Elder Schott and Elder Stevens 
standing in front of the 87th Street Chapel in Manhattan

Dave's parents arrived in NY this week to visit us on their way home from Finland where they have served as full time missionaries the past 2 years.  I loved these pictures of his reunion with them.

Olmstead Zone
If you look close you can see Barbara Jean, a longtime member of the Olmstead Ward.  
She is a beloved member missionary and joined us for Zone Study.

Sisters in Harlem

 Elder Frei and Elder Paulin in Poughkeepsie

This morning we took these 8 Sisters to the Manhattan Temple.  They have received a special assignment to serve at the Hartford Connecticut Temple Open House.  They will spend the next few weeks in Connecticut. The Temple resides in the Boston Mission but takes in a portion of our mission.   It was wonderful to be in the Temple with them as they prepare for this experience.  

 While we were in the Temple William and his two buddies were able to do Baptisms.  Afterwards they went street contacting with some of the Manhattan Elders.  The benefits of homeschool!

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