Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Elder Glick has brought so much joy to our mission!  He is full of the spirit and has taught us all diligence, effort, endurance, faith, perseverance and love. Despite his physical challenges he gives his all each day.  He will be completing his full time mission next week and will spend this week serving as an assistant with Elder Mackintosh, Elder McBride and William.  

Here they come...

Elder Palmer

Elder Small

Elder Mitonzi
Elder Dick

Elder Ortiz

Elder Lewis
Sister Tuia

Sister Larsen

Sister Backman

Sister Israelson

We also welcomed Elder Nadolny from Brazil bright and early Tuesday morning.  I do not have an individual picture of him yet but he is in the below group photo.  In total we ended up with 11 new missionaries.  It is always fun to get the call from Salt Lake a day before transfers letting us know another missionary will be heading our way.  Most of the time these are missionaries waiting to get visas or a missionary called to the NYNYN mission who has been serving in their home country until they get their visa for the US.  We love them all and will welcome any missionary they send to us with open arms.  Some of our visa waiters only spend a transfer or two but they are still part of the NYNYN mission forever!

On Tuesday morning we gathered with the New Missionaries and their Trainers.  
They are excited and ready to go!

It was so awesome to see the companionship unity Elder Schott and Elder Lewis already have! 
 This is a first for a trainer and new missionary to show up wearing the same tie.

It is a blessing having "tutors" for my kids.  In this picture Elder Mackintosh is helping Lauren with her Spanish homework.  Missionaries are the best and my kids are so blessed to have so many big brothers and sisters watching out for them and helping them.

I took this picture Monday morning as I arrived for our office meeting.  
Transfers is a busy time for the Assistants and Office Elders.  They sacrifice a 
lot of sleep and proselyting time to make sure things go smoothly.

Below are a few pictures from transfer day.  The city missionaries meet at the 
Inwood Chapel and the Upstate missionaries meet at the Ossining Chapel.  
Elder and Sister Larsen drive a U-Haul between the two helping transport luggage.

 For 72 hours this kid goes all out helping with transfers. 
 Any little chance he gets to sleep, he takes it!  

While the Larsens, Assistants and Office Elders are taking care of transfers we are so blessed to attend a temple session with the departing missionaries.  This temple session was very 
special to me and I'm grateful to have shared it with these missionaries.

"May we make whatever sacrifices are necessary to attend the temple and to have the spirit of the temple in our hearts and in our homes. May we follow in the footsteps of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who made the ultimate sacrifice for us, that we might have eternal life and exaltation in our Heavenly Father’s kingdom. This is my sincere prayer"
-President Thomas S. Monson

 I really enjoyed having this small group.  We were able to spend a lot of time
 talking and being together on their last day.  We will miss them!

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  1. So glad to see that my little brother (Elder Nadolny) arrived safely. He looks happy!
    Thank you for the updates!
    Israel Nadolny