Saturday, November 12, 2016

Miracle Moments

Miracles have not ceased. Today is a day of miracles. We believe in miracles. The Latter-day Saints may expect miracles according to their faith in Jesus Christ.

Nephi taught, God “manifesteth himself unto all those who believe in him, by the power of the Holy Ghost; yea, unto every nation, kindred, tongue, and people, working mighty miracles, signs, and wonders, among the children of men according to their faith” (2 Ne. 26:13; see also 1 Ne. 7:12James 5:15).

Every week in the mission we have a miracle line conference call where wonderful blessings, tender mercies and miracles that have happened throughout the mission are shared.  I am going to start posting some regularly.  I hope these miracle moments will strengthen your faith as they have mine.

Here are a few from missionaries...

     -We work with this guy named Charles who has been struggling with addiction. A few weeks ago we got his sisters number, who is a member living in Oklahoma. We have been meaning to call her but we kept forgetting, then during planning this week a thought came to my mind to call her. We called her and she told us that she just got off her knees praying for Charles 2 minutes prior. She told us how much she loves Charles and how grateful she is for us to meet with him. She also told us once she was praying for Charles and telling Heavenly Father how much she loves him and she heard a voice, which said "I love him too", Heavenly Father answers prayers and loves his children. I am so grateful that we acted on that prompting

     -The Elders found Rita and her son earlier this year. They were going to get baptized July 22 but backed out last minute. They dropped the Elders and asked them not to come back, so the Elders sent the sisters. The sisters tried to teach her but she was very closed off. I met her my first week in this area and she was almost hostile towards us so we decided to drop her. Well we decided to not go visit her, but for some reason we did not feel like we should drop her in area book. Monday I got to go to MLC and President Smith promised us all that there is someone in our area books that has "changed" and is now ready to "change". Monday night I prayed to know who it was in our area book. Tuesday we had Rita in our plans and both me and my companion felt like we should go. We got there and she was so excited to see us! She let us right in and started telling us about spiritual experiences she has had with fasting and then we taught a super brief restoration lesson. The spirit was so strong, it was almost tangible. We asked her if she could ask God one question what would it be, and she said she wants to know if this is Gods true church. We knelt down and asked her to ask God in a prayer. We told her we would sit in silence after so she could receive an answer. She said the prayer and it was short and sweet. And then she sat with her eyes closed for a minute, for two minutes, for five minutes, for ten minutes, for fifteen minutes, for eighteen minutes and then she literally jumped! When she jumped she immediately started asking what is the burning feeling she was having. She told us she felt as if someone literally pushed her and then she had an intense burning. She told us she wants to be baptized and was going to pray that night to know if it should be the end of November or beginning of December. The lesson was shorter than the prayer and the spirit truly taught her.

     -We just got done from an appointment, it was around dinner time, and our next appointment wasn't for 30 min. We didnt have time to go home for dinner, so we decided to go to Five Guys! We went in and ordered our delicious food when we saw a recent convert, who has been baptized about a year.  We have been trying to set up a time with him, but have had no luck. Apparently he used to work at Five Guys, and had the feeling to go there tonight to visit his old co workers! It was such a wonderful opportunity to see him and visit with him since we have been trying to see him all week.

     -I want to share an experience we had Monday.  We were leaving the bus and start walking when an old lady in the bus ahead said, "help here I need help to cross the street."  I immediately ran to her to help her and she grabs my hand and we start walking.  In the end she said "I felt something when I touched your hand, are you Elders?" We said yes and talked to her and asked if she had talked with missionaries before, she said yes and then said "I know who you are representatives of Jesus. I felt that when I touched you." After that she leaves and enters her building. It's true, we are representatives of Jesus Christ and the people know and feel that because we have his light and we give testimony of him every day!

     -Today while reading the Book of Mormon I came across Mosiah 14:3 it reads "...a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief" Christ was a man of sorrows, he was acquainted with grief. Lightbulb moment everyone! This might not make sense to you (why it was a lightbulb moment) but THIS is my answer. Christ didn't have this perfect life until he was crucified. He came and lived an average life for the time. He didn't have it easy, he worked hard. What made him perfect? He never went against God. He never once questioned His Father's Plan. He was well acquainted with the struggles of this mortal life, and because of it He knows how to succor His people (us). He has lived. He knows. He cares. 
It was a wonderful realization. 
After reading this I went and read from Jesus the Christ. I was at the last super. I read when He washed Judas feet, the same Judas who WENT to the Sanhedrin on his own and asked how much they would pay him to betray his Lord and Master. I read how he still gave Judas the Sacrament, how he still treated him as just and good as the rest. And Judas still betrayed him. The Savior knew he would still betray him. Charity, hope, love, diligence, kindness, long suffering, perfect.The Savior is all of that and more. 
I was humbled. 

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