Saturday, November 19, 2016

Transfers, New Missionaries,etc.

On Monday we welcomed 15 new missionaries.  I apologize it has taken me all week to post these pictures.   There is so much going on in the mission and with my kids these past few weeks.  Sometimes I'm just hanging on trying to stay above water!  Other times its smooth sailing, but those moments seem to be rare.

It is a great group of new missionaries.  We always love to welcome them and see them in person after learning their names and seeing their faces for several weeks.  Dave did something fun this time when they arrived, he went on Facebook live from the airport.  It was a spur of the moment decision, its very authentic and pretty amateur video, but was fun to watch later! Below are the links.

Here are a few candids from that moment as well

Elder Puffer
Elder Munoz
Elder Wallace
Elder Cid
Elder Hunt
Elder Leavitt
Elder Jimenez
Elder Eaquinto
Elder Stewart
Elder Gallup
Elder Stoker
Elder Watson
Sister Contreras
Sister Walecki
Sister Blad

William got some great pictures this week of the new missionaries meeting their trainers!


BIG was pouring rain on transfer day, therefore these 2 are the only pictures on the camera!  The rest of the week was beautiful, sunny with mild temperatures, but Tuesday it was a down pour all day.  Lots of soaked missionaries and wet suitcases.  No complaints though!  Everyone went about their day and did what had to be done.  We enjoyed a few hours in the Temple with the departing missionaries.  It is the best way to spend their last day in the mission field.  

This is the group of missionaries that went home Wednesday morning. We gather for dinner and a testimony meeting the night before they leave.  It is the best to hear their testimonies and see the growth in them as they finish their full time service.  We will miss them so much but rejoice that they are reunited with loved ones.

 This is a little hard to see, it was taken at 6:30 am just before departing for JFK.

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