Friday, December 30, 2016

New Missionaries, Transfers, and Goodbyes

Transfers seem to come and go so quickly!  It has been a busy full week.  We held the "Train the Trainers" meeting prior to the arrival of new missionaries.  These are obedient, faithful missionaries who are well prepared to train.

Due to transfers being over the holiday break Savannah and Lauren were able to join us at the airport.  I loved having our whole family together.  Big THANKS to William for taking most of the pictures.

After reading their names, studying their faces and praying for these missionaries for several weeks it is amazing to see them in person and welcome them to New York!  Our love for them is instant.

Sister Gray

Sister Webb
Sister Benedicto
Sister Sevey
Elder Jensen
Elder Perry
Elder Lang
Elder Cottrell
Elder Ochoa
Elder Quezada
Elder Lusk
Elder Bly
Elder Jackman

It's time to meet trainers and learn what area they will begin their service in.

When new missionaries arrive it also means we have to say goodbye to others.  This is such a bittersweet time for me.  I smile when I think of the reunions they will have with loved ones and knowing they will hug their moms...but it tears at my heart to say goodbye and let them go.  This was a great group of 16 missionaries who have blessed countless lives.  They have changed and can never be the same.  They have come to know the Savior in a more personal way and to understand his Doctrine and Atonement.  I look forward to following their lives and seeing how they will continue to serve and bless others.  

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