Saturday, December 3, 2016

Zone Conferences


We recently received directive from the missionary department to hold zone conferences and interviews every 6 weeks rather than the 12 week cycle.  Oh happy day!  We get to see our missionaries more often...but we are busy!  I'm finding less time to keep up with the blog.  I'm working to get caught up on the events of the past 2 weeks.  There have been so many wonderful things happening in the NYNYN mission.  Due to having just had zone conferences last cycle we held them by Stake, so 4 total instead of the normal 6.    

We started up North with Poughkeepsie and Newburgh Zones
(Newburgh Stake)

William acting as my scribe during training

 Olmstead and Kingsbridge & Westchester Zones
(Westchester Stake)

 This round of Zone Conferences included Subway Sandwiches for lunch!

 William often sits next to me during our meetings and works on his online schooling

Yorktown & Stanford Zones
(Yorktown Stake)

Many of the missionaries have to leave their apartments very early to arrive on time so we try to have a simple breakfast for them.  In the past the tradition has been bagels, cream cheese, and orange juice.  We changed it up a bit this time and served yogurt with granola.  Special thanks to Elder and Sister Larsen for arriving early and handling all the details with breakfast at each conference.  

President Todd Herget, Stake President of the Yorktown Stake joined us for a portion of the meeting.  He and President Smith linked arms indicating we are all in this work together.  President Herget is often out on splits with the missionaries.  We love our Stake Presidents.  All are so supportive of our missionary efforts and love the missionaries!

Manhattan North, Central and South Zones
(New York Stake)

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