Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Worldwide Missionary Broadcast

Sorry, I've been a little silent on the blog.  Dave is in the middle of interviewing the missionaries.  This takes days, actually weeks each transfer cycle.  I don't get a lot of pictures during this time.  The schedule used to be that zone conferences and interviews were held every other transfer, but 2 transfers ago this was changed that each transfer we would do both.  It is exciting but busy!  Exciting because it keeps us more closely connected to the missionaries but busy because there is always so much to do!  We love it though and being anxiously engaged in the work of the Lord is the best work ever.

Today was a worldwide missionary broadcast for all 74,000 plus missionaries throughout the world.  William and I went down to Manhattan and watched it with the Manhattan South Zone.  Actually William played basketball for a couple of hours with some buddies that also homeschool and live in the city.  He loves the flexibility he has right now!

Elder Oaks was the presiding authority along with Elder Bednar, Elder Andersen, Sister Oscarson, Bishop Waddell, Elder Brent Nielson and Steve Allen, managing director of the missionary department.  They are all members of the missionary executive council.  Can I just say it was awesome!!!  We heard from all of them.  The Lord really LOVES his missionaries and expresses this through his living Apostles and church leaders.  The meeting was uplifting, inspiring, positive, full of faith and hope.  Immediately following the broadcast, each zone discussed "therefore, what?"  This is a learning process we use following meetings.  We have been taught and instructed so what are we going to do now?  Following the zone discussions we got on a mission wide conference call and each zone contributed thoughts from their zone discussion.  Below is a picture of the list compiled.  Our missionaries are so faithful and trying their best!  Oh how I love each of them and their desire to be acceptable to the Lord and be valiant in his work.  Following the conference call one of our sweet sisters in Manhattan asked "may we please have a prayer of gratitude"?  It was a sacred moment.  We are seeing miraculous blessings in the New York New York North Mission!!

Here are a few quotes from todays meeting:

"Speak and testify of Christ in all things. Always keep his name on your lips.  Testify of Him"

"Revelation builds upon itself."

"You have a responsibility to bear witness of the Savior.  
You, missionaries are witnesses of Jesus Christ."
-Elder Anderson

"Be as good as you can be.  God will magnify you and make you all that you can become."

"Line upon line, precept upon precept- that is a great model all of us should pay attention to."
-Elder Bednar

"Great spiritual experiences begin with desire."

"Miss no opportunity to serve as Christ did.  Remember who you are."

"You are called to do His work, to teach His doctrine in His way, to do His will."

"I invoke the blessings of the Lord upon you."
-Elder Oaks 

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