Friday, January 6, 2017

Zone Conferences and New Missionary Meeting

"We know that great things happen in the lives of those who faithfully
 serve full-time missions. Missionary service is not easy, but it is infinitely worth it. Those who serve and return home with honor have established a pattern 
of living and serving that will bless their own lives and the lives of generations 
to follow. They return better prepared to be strong leaders and teachers in 
the organizations of the Church. They return better prepared to be righteous fathers and mothers and able to teach their children the gospel. Full-time missionary service is a blessing for those whom the missionaries find and 
teach as well as for the missionaries themselves."
Elder M. Russell Ballard, General Conference, April 2005

We held two of four Zone Conferences this week.  Zone Conference is always rejuvenating for me.  
I feel the Spirit, I love to be with the missionaries, and I am inspired to be a little better
 and try a little harder.

Westchester Stake
Kingsbridge, Olmstead and Westchester Zones

Kingsbridge Zone
Olmstead Zone
Westchester Zone

Technology is a wonderful thing.  We often have mission wide conference calls.  Below is a picture of President Smith, Elder Krzymowski, Elder McBride & William during a leadership call with District Leaders, Zone Leaders & Sister Training Leaders

Newburgh Stake 
Newburgh & Poughkeepsie Zones

Newburgh Zone
Poughkeepsie Zone
President Smith ran with a few of the Elders early before Zone Conference.

The Office Elders and Assistants arrive bright and early to set up for each Zone Conference.  We also appreciate Elder and Sister Larsen for helping with a simple breakfast of yogurt, granola and juice for the missionaries when they arrive.

Elder Honeycutt attended each Zone Conference and shared some great advice on mission finance,
 budgeting and the support funds they receive.

New missionary Meeting
We woke up to a beautiful scene of white snow.  By 9 am the sun was shining and most of it had melted.  I said an extra prayer this morning on behalf of the missionaries driving down to the meeting.  They all reported the plows were out early and the roads were clear.  Elder Larsen has been giving road safety training at zone meetings which is a great reminder to all the missionaries to slow down and be extra cautious as the winter weather has arrived.

This is a powerful group of new missionaries.  They are prepared and eager to be anxiously engaged in the work.  At this meeting I get to talk with them about adjusting to missionary life.  We discuss what we have control over vs. what we have no control over.  It is insightful to hear their comments and wisdom.  I love a scripture from the Doctrine and Covenants. "Therefore dearly beloved brethren (missionaries), let us cheerfully do all things that lie in our power, and then may we stand still, with the utmost assurance, to see the salvation of God, and for his arm to be revealed. (D&C 123:17)
This is Gods work!  

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