Friday, March 31, 2017

Happenings around the mission!

Favorite Quote this week...
"It is the sacrifices we make to keep our covenants that sanctify us and make us holy."
-Sister Carol F. McConkie

I loved having my sister, her husband and daughter visit this past weekend.  
Unfortunately this is the only picture we took together.  

While in Manhattan we ran into this group of youth and some of their parents from Hawaii.  They are in Manhattan for a High School Band competition.  They chose to come visit the temple and chapel rather than go shopping with the rest of their group.  It turns out they live in an area where Dave served his prior mission.  That particular ward changed his life and he loves those people so much.  It was fun to make connections with them.  We had them sing to the missionaries before they left. 

Zone Conferences began this week Tuesday for the Yorktown Stake missionaries.  We met at the New Canaan Chapel with the Yorktown and Stamford Zones.

President Keller, of the Yorktown Stake Presidency came and spoke to the missionaries.  The Yorktown Stake has focused on a "month of rescue" in which they reach out to ALL members of their Stake.
The missionaries have been anxiously engaged in helping their ward leaders in their efforts.

The sisters of the Stamford Spanish Ward provided a yummy lunch that was displayed so beautifully.
  It rivaled a meal found at a 5 star hotel.

On Wednesday Mission Leadership council was held at the Scarsdale Chapel.  These leaders are remarkable missionaries with great vision for the work.  This is a meeting where we council together, set and evaluate goals.  It is always productive, inspiring, and Spirit directed.  I feel so strongly the opportunities given to these young adults to develop leadership skills on their missions will bless them so much in their lives, far more than any other experience at this time of life.  A mission provides invaluable education and growth that builds a foundation for a successful happy life.

William took this picture at the Scarsdale Train Station.  Elder L. Tom Perry used to take the train from Scarsdale to Manhattan every day for work.  To read more about his experiences
 Thursday we attended Zone Conference for the Newburgh Stake at the Newburgh Chapel.  In attendance were the missionaries serving in the Newburgh and Poughkeepsie Zones.

Elder Hughes played a beautiful rendition of A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief

New Missionary Meeting
On Friday we met with the missionaries that arrived this transfer and their trainers. 
 In the beginning of this meeting we have each missionary introduce their companion and tell something they love about them.  It is so fun to hear what they say and how
 they have already become great friends in the short 10 days together. 

 We are so happy to welcome Elder and Sister Miles to New York to work in the mission office.  
This week they jumped right in and helped with many tasks and whatever was needed.  
They are already a great blessing to us.
We will miss Elder and Sister Larsen so much as they depart from us in a couple of weeks.  
Their service has been invaluable and I personally am so grateful for all the help
 they give me each and every week. 

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  1. Thank you so much! It is always the best to see our missionary!