Saturday, June 3, 2017

Miracles and MLC

Each week we have a "miracle line" conference call where Dave shares sweet stories and miracles from the past week with the mission.  Here are some from the call on Thursday.  These are written by missionaries in their letter to him each week.

"A cool small miracle we had was as were walking down the street and we almost walked past a house but we felt impressed to turn around and go back. We did and went to the top floor to knock and it was quick rejection with a door slammed at us. But we went to the second floor and two sweet kids opened the door. We talked to them and then talked to their mom. A sweet African American lady. She may have been one of the nicest people I have met on the mission. We shared the restoration with her and she loved it so much. She asked me to repeat the first vision 2 times. She truly was intrigued by our message. She told us of the life struggles she has been having and we were able to testify to her that she is a daughter of God. It may have been one the most spiritual restorations I have had and it was all at a door. She kept asking us for all the material we had that she could read and where she could go on the Internet to learn more. It was so cool and I feel blessed to have followed the Spirit with my companion and go back and knock on her door."

"We had a really good experience praying with someone at the door the other day. We knocked and a lady with a cigarette answered, and said she was not interested. We asked if we could say a prayer with her and she said "Yes but let me put out my cigarette first." We then asked her what she wanted us to pray for and she told us her health and her son that was in jail. So we did, and she thanked us and shut the door. We continued to walk to another door when she came out again and said "Hold on guys, I have someone else that needs a prayer." She led us to one of her neighbors who is Muslim, but she has a daughter who has attended the deaf branch in South Manhattan.  Her daughters fiancee is Mormon, and she wanted to know a little bit about what she was learning. We prayed with her and she accepted our invitation to have the sisters teach her.  I know that praying with everybody is an inspired method of finding, and that the hand of the Lord was shown in that situation."

"I really loved zone conference last week and I felt like I learned a lot about following the spirit and teaching people not just lessons.  Later that day I was thinking a lot about what I had learned and as were walking down the street there was a lady sitting on a bench.  I felt prompted to talk to her.  We sat down by her and started talking.  I felt prompted to ask her "why do you think God sent us to talk to you today?"  Because we had just met this person I almost second guessed whether or not I should say that, but then I remembered all I had been taught and just fired away half expecting her to look at me weird haha.  I was surprised when she said, "he sent you because he knew how much I needed help today." It was pretty cool how after she said that she opened up to us and talked about all she had been going through, tough things at home and that she had just left her home to go sit on the bench to sort of get away from all of it when we showed up. We testified of eternal families and read from the Book of Mormon with her.  We are excited to start teaching her and her family. To me that just made me think of all the other promptings that maybe I have missed in the past and I want to do better." 

"We had a miracle yesterday. We were on our way to an appointment with a less active member we are working hard with.  She texted us and said she might be home late, but we decided to go anyways. We got to her house and she wasn't answering, so we left a note and decided to go see who else lived near by. As we were about to leave, a man and his son walked by, we smiled and said hi and asked him if he had ever heard of the Book of Mormon?  He said he had recently because we had given his daughter a copy a few weeks earlier. Then he continued to tell us that he has a friend who is a member of the church who he just ran into a few days ago. He was amazed how much the church has helped him change in the past few years. We talked to him and he was so sweet.  He asked us to come back and share our message with his family and said he would be reading the Book of Mormon. It is just so amazing to know that are no coincidences in the Lord's work.  
He knows and loves his children."

"We are working with a family that lives in Hartford (Boston Mission) and have been taught by elders for awhile now. They know three families in our ward and are moving here as soon as school gets out. They have been attending our ward for the past month. We have been coordinating with the Elders as to what we can do. The ward is already doing amazing at fellowshipping them. The elders just set a baptismal date for July 8th with them. It is 3 weeks after they move here. They have a 14 year old daughter and a 7 year old daughter. The parents have been so worried about their 14 year old daughter and the path she was headed down. They couldn't get her to go to church so on Sunday Maria (the mom) was telling us hownhappy she is that her daughter LOVES coming to church here. The young women really love her too. They are all so excited for her baptism. The daughter recently had an interview with the Bishop so she can go to girls camp and told him that it all started with the Hartford Temple open house. She said she has never felt the way she did at the temple and wants to always feel like that. The father has been wanting to be baptized so he was so happy when his wife and daughter decided they wanted to be baptized as well. 
They are an amazing family."

 Friday June 2, 2017

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