Thursday, July 27, 2017


Another wonderful transfer...

It began with Elder and Sister Coleman picking up Sister Westover who arrived at JFK.  They met us at Westchester Airport where we welcomed 20 additional missionaries.

First off the plane were Elder Zeng and Elder Lan both from China

Elder Davis videoing for Facebook Live
Here come more missionaries...

From the airport we traveled to the Scarsdale Chapel for some training while 
dinner preparations were finalized.

Our New Group of Amazing Missionaries
Sister Randall
Sister Sutton
Sister A. Jacobson
Sister Combe
Sister Moore
Sister B. Jacobson
Sister Dobson
Sister Hogan
Sister Tua'one
Sister Masoe
Sister Westover
Elder Sanders
Elder Glaittli
Elder Bollingbroke
Elder Nybo
Elder Velazquez
Elder Dimond
Elder Allen
Elder Pena 
Elder Lan
Elder Zeng

We are so happy to Welcome Elder and Sister Young to the mission. 
 They will be working in the office and helping with missionary medical needs.

Meeting Trainers

Transfer Day around the mission

Farewell dinner with departing missionaries

Elder Hughes did a great job cooking the burgers!
Just prior to departing for the airport 

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