Tuesday, October 31, 2017

West Point, Palmyra and MLC

 On Monday, Oct. 23rd we visited West Point, the US Military Academy with the Senior Couples.  
It was fun to have Dave's parents join us.  They were in town for a couple days prior to flying to Finland to serve in the Helsinki Temple.

Thanks to William for all the pictures.  They are taken of various sites on the West Point campus.

The leaves have not been very vibrant this fall but we were able to see a few 
pops of color throughout the campus.

An LDS headstone is clearly identified by the symbol of Moroni

Special thanks to Lieutenant Colonel, Sherman Fleek, a member of the
West Point ward and the Academy's historian, for a fabulous tour.

 Twice a year we have a Mission President seminar with the 24 couples serving in the 
Northeast Area.  This past week it was held in Palmyra.  Dave and I enjoyed a morning hike 
just off the campus of Cornell University on our drive up north.  Upstate NY is very beautiful.
  On Thursday we had a mission wide conference call to share with our missionaries 
some of the experiences we were having and recent miracles throughout the mission.

Our Mission President Seminar was wonderful.  It is so fun to get away for a few days together!  Our mission life is so busy and even though we are together all the time it was nice to drive in the car for hours and just talk.  I love my dear husband!  He is so generous and gives so much to serving and loving the missionaries.  I am amazed each day by the strength he has to keep going.  I know we have both aged!  We absolutely love our calling and are very grateful to have the blessing of serving at this time in our lives with our children.  

Below are various pictures taken in Palmyra.  The highlight of the trip for me was a temple session Dave and I did together in the Palmyra Temple Wednesday morning prior to the beginning of the seminar.  We were the only 2 patrons in the Temple and felt so loved by the sweet temple workers.  Sitting with Dave in the Celestial Room for one hour by ourselves was heaven on earth.
Hill Cumorah

Palmyra Temple
Palmyra Sunset
Our group of 8 couples that began our missions together in July of 2015.  They have all become
 dear friends and it is so uplifting for me to visit with them knowing they can relate to mission life. 
The Sacred Grove
Frame home on the Smith Farm

View to the Sacred Grove
With Elder and Sister Gong in the upstairs room of the Smith log home.

The Smith Log Home

View of the Palmyra Temple from the Smith Farm
The Prophet Joseph loved his brother Alvin who died prior to the priesthood being restored and was never
 baptized during his life.  I can only imagine the joy Joseph felt when he received the revelation in which
 he sees Alvin in the Celestial Kingdom.  See D&C 137:1-7

 MLC~ Mission Leadership Council

Friday, October 20, 2017


It's been another wonderful transfer which began with the "Train the Trainers" meeting last week Friday at the Scarsdale Chapel.  This is a strong group of trainers.  The meeting was spirit filled and I could sense their preparation and the blessing they will be to their new companions.

 The new missionaries arrived Monday, Oct. 16th at the Westchester Airport.  We love to pick them up at this small airport which is about 20 minutes from the mission home.  It is always so fun to see them in person after looking at their pictures and learning all their names.

Elder Parkinson 
Elder Allred
Elder Jensen 
Sister Davis
Sister Rivers
Sister Rogers
Sister Howells
Sister Crawford
Sister Ellsworth
Sister Cragun

Transfer day throughout the mission...
Tuesday, Oct. 17th

Shoutout to our amazing assistants, office elders and senior couples who coordinate all the logistics of transfers and help everything run smoothly.

On Tuesday we attended a session in the temple with these returning missionaries.  It was so wonderful having Sis. Hildreth join us.  She broke her foot 6 weeks ago and had to return home for surgery.  Her dad happened to have business in NY this week and brought her back for what would have been her transfer home.  Sis. Horton was especially happy to have a companion for the day!

Well done thou good and faithful servants!