Friday, November 24, 2017


We had the wonderful blessing of helping to serve food in Harlem on Thanksgiving Day.  A remarkable woman named Mary had a desire 30+ years ago to make Thanksgiving special for people in need.  At the time she had the means to make 8 meals.  After assembling them in her small kitchen she went out on the street and found 8 "hungry" souls to share a meal with.  From that humble beginning it has grown and yesterday over 2200 people were fed.  We met and talked with people from all walks of life.  Some live on the streets, others live in the area and had nowhere else to go for Thanksgiving.  All were appreciative and thankful for the warm meal and friendship.

Mary is in the blue coat

She was so happy to see President Smith again and to thank him for the missionaries helping.
 "They bring such light with them!"

We met Stuart Wainwright when we parked the car.  He walked the 4 blocks with us to where the food was set up.  He is struggling with alcohol addiction, and has many challenges.  Stuart is a child of God in need of hope!

I met Lisa and learned she is the mother of three sons and has nine grandchildren.  She likes to dance, sing and loves children.  We talked about the Savior and she expressed her love for him.  She shared with me her love for the Bible.  I introduced her to the sister missionaries and was so happy to receive a text from them later letting me know she accepted an invitation to be taught the gospel.
(Here she is pictured with my 3 kids)
We met in Scarsdale this morning with 12 new trainers who are excited to welcome their companions to New York next week.  These trainers are prepared, obedient and ready for a great transfer cycle.


  1. I LOVE that you did this for Thanksgiving! What a wonderful experience for your family and the missionaries! I wish Elder Murray could have been there! My favorite thing is that everyone has name tags. I felt so strongly as I looked at these pictures the love the Savior and our Heavenly Father has for each INDIVIDUAL. People including myself often want to hide under a cloak of anonymity, but this beautiful sunny day, everyone was given a name tag, because they're important enough to be KNOWN!

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