Saturday, February 17, 2018

Living after the manner of happiness

On Tuesday February 13, 2018 we held a very special sisters meeting for all the sisters serving in the mission.  The theme of the day was taken from a scripture in the Book of Mormon.

"And it came to pass that we lived after the manner of happiness."
2 Nephi 5:27

 Sister Honeycutt made these darling paper dresses for each sister

Sister Kanzler gave an excellent training on Finding Joy In All Circumstances.  
She has known Dave since he was 10 years old.  He had fun telling
 the sisters a little about their friendship through the years.

We were so grateful to have Sister Tory Perry join us.  She works with LDS Family Services in our area.  During her workshop she helped the sisters learn different ways of coping with stress, adjusting to missionary life and always looking to the Savior and his atoning sacrifice.

(We had to improvise on our chapel set up as they were working on the rostrum and podium area)

So grateful for these 2 office Elders and the extra help they gave me
 in setting up and preparing for the day.

President Dave Checketts and his darling wife, Deb came and spoke to the sisters.  
They have recently been called to preside over the England London Mission.  
We love the Checketts!  When we first arrived in NY, President Checketts was serving 
as the Stake President in the Yorktown Stake.  They welcomed our family with open
 arms and reached out to our children.  We've been blessed ever since to call them our
 dear friends.  Their message was filled with hope and joy and we were reminded to
 look for the small happy moments everyday.

I shared with the sisters about my Grandmother, Mona Snelgrove Layton, who will turn 98 on
 March 18th.  Throughout her life she has cultivated an attitude of optimism and chooses to "live 
after the manner of happiness" despite many trials.  She is a remarkable, optimistic, 
faithful, covenant keeping woman who has influenced countless lives for good.

We also talked about "eggs" and "potatoes".  Each responds differently to being thrown into a pot of boiling water.  One becomes "hard" and the other becomes "soft".

Do our trials harden us?  Do we question God and ask "why" is this 
happening to me? Do we become angry and bitter?
Do our trials soften us?  Are we more dependent upon the Lord, less judgmental, 
more trusting and humble?  Are we becoming more like the Savior?

In the NYNYN mission we want to be potatoes!

“Happiness is the object and design of our existence; and will be 
the end thereof, if we pursue the path that leads to it.” 
-Joseph Smith, The prophet of the Restoration

"Look at everything through the lense of eternity. 
 If you will do this, life will take on a different perspective."
-President James E. Faust

"Now, my dear sisters you are doing the best you can, and that best results in good to yourself and to others. Do not nag yourself with a sense of failure. Get on your knees and ask for the blessings of the Lord; then stand on your feet and do what you are asked to do. Then leave the matter in the hands of the Lord. You will discover that you have accomplished something beyond price."
-President Gordon B. Hinckley

“Your commitment to follow the Savior by making covenants with
Him and then keeping those covenants will open the door to every spiritual privilege and blessing available to women, men, and children everywhere. Every spiritual privilege and blessing.
Those are the promises if we choose to follow 
the Savior on a covenant path. In a world of uncertainty, heartache,
and challenges, Jesus Christ is our hope. Hope and the keeping
of our covenants are inseparable.”
-President Russell M. Nelson

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