Friday, May 18, 2018


May 14, 2018, Westchester County Airport

Elder Nadolny filming for Facebook live

It was a smaller group this time which in some ways was very nice.  They all arrived from the Provo MTC.  Elder Kang joined us after receiving his visa and having spent a few months serving in his native Korea. Each of these missionaries has a strong testimony which they shared with us following dinner together Monday evening.  

Elder Kang
Sister McMullin
Elder Phillips
Elder Jensen
Every now and then my simple piano skills pay off.  My mother would be proud!
Late Monday night we took Sister Johnson to JFK airport where she was catching a 1:00 am flight to Taiwan.  We feel blessed to have had her one transfer as she waited for her Visa.  
Early morning run/walk with the new missionaries and assistants

Meeting Trainers!

Transfers throughout the mission
It was a beautiful sunny day for transfers.  I prayed the rain would hold off until later in the day.  Sure enough, we were hit with a pretty good storm around 4 pm.  

Thank you to Elder & Sister Honeycutt for driving the U-Haul and taking pictures!

 It is always an amazing experience to spend a few hours in the Temple with the going home missionaries.  This group is very dear to my heart.  I can recall personal experiences I've had with each one of them.  They have blessed my life in countless ways.

Patricia is a favorite security guard at the Lincoln Center building.  She was baptized a few months ago by President Smith

A very early 5 mile run.  Dave loves this time with the missionaries.  It is a wonderful time to discuss who they are teaching, questions of the soul, and their own thoughts and testimonies.
5:30 am the cars pulled away heading to the airport

Elder Smith was picked up at the mission home by his family

Elder McNairy and Elder Pina stayed around a little longer as their flights were later in the day.

What's Next Meeting
This is held every 6 weeks with the group of missionaries heading home the next transfer.  It is one of my favorite meetings.  We use Elder Robert D. Hales October 2015 General Conference Talk, "Meeting the Challenges of Todays World" as our outline.  This meeting is informal with lots of questions and answers.  We have a wonderful discussion about anything the missionaries want to talk about.  

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